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Top Three Maintenance Challenges
Asked to share the top three challenges for the next three to five to 10 years, maintenance professionals indicate it's about people: the biggest variable in improving equipment maintenance, performance, and reliability.

Engaging the New Workforce
The ways we employed, trained, and engaged previous generations of employees will not necessarily work with the Millennials. Now is the time to retool our approaches to employee engagement, empowerment, and involvement. Here are some insights for engaging the younger generation in the workplace.

Aligning Maintenance with Business Goals
All too often, the maintenance department is perceived as the responsible party for caring for the health and well-being of equipment and facilities. However, many (if not most) of the causes of unhealthy and poor-performing equipment and facilities go well beyond the scope of the maintenance department.

Improving Equipment Effectiveness
TPM has devolved into not much more than operator care. However, it’s not too late to learn from TPM. Given the shortages of skilled people, the demand for significantly improved equipment performance and reliability, and dependence on new technologies, true TPM will be the answer whether labeled TPM or not.

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Made in America!

John Ratzenberger, better known as Cliff from "Cheers" and host of the TV show "Made in America", recently spoke at the MARTS Conference in Chicago. The TV show "Made in America" explored how American workers drive an often overlooked share of our nation’s economic well being. Ratzenberger explored behind the scenes in more than 240 businesses. His passion for American manufacturing and the unsung choruses of the American workforce is inspiring. In his book "We’ve Got It Made in America," Ratzenberger tells stories about his experiences in making the “Made in America” TV shows punctuated with stories from his growing up years and throughout his adult life. Our skills shortages, our job loss, our productivity, and our top economy in the world are being seriously undermined by greed, ignorance, and half-truths.

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