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NASCAR Racing: A Model for Equipment Reliability and Teamwork
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NASCAR Racing: A Model for Equipment Reliability and Teamwork

One or two days

This is not so much about improving maintenance but rather about the role the entire organization plays in improving equipment performance and reliability. If you believe that the success of a NASCAR team is based on how well they maintain the racecars, you will be amazed at how wrong you would be.

The NASCAR model teaches many lessons that have been ignored by manufacturing for decades: "Maintenance alone cannot improve equipment performance and reliability in a sustainable manner." Did you know that less than 90 to 95% of all of the typical equipment performance losses are outside the control of "maintenance" to address?  Did you know that the elimination of most of the major equipment-related losses (availability, performance efficiency, quality, and cost) is only possible when operations, maintenance, engineering, procurement, quality, training, and vendors/manufacturers work together? Without that level of teamwork, world-class levels of equipment performance and reliability are not possible. Lean manufacturing can never be achieved in an equipment-intensive operation without a total team-based approach to identifying and eliminating equipment problems.

The focus of the NASCAR model is to improve equipment effectiveness, not to improve maintenance.  There is a sound business case for efficient and effective equipment performance and reliability in NASCAR as well as in manufacturing. Attend this session and have your eyes opened to a whole new world of possibilities in your plant.

Spend time behind the scenes in NASCAR racing and you will discover the secrets of equipment reliability and teamwork.  NASCAR's world-class stock car racing business, the Nextel/Winston Cup series, provides an easy-to-understand model for team-based "Lean" manufacturing and equipment reliability. Every competitor in the racing business has access to the same technology. Learn the "hows" and "whys" of equipment performance and reliability from NASCAR teams. They all have to follow the same rules. 

  • What makes the difference between the champions, the winners, and all the other teams in their business?
  • How do the best teams insure the highest levels of equipment performance and reliability? 
  • How does equipment reliability translate into business success?
  • What is the most important priority: Fast or right?
  • Should we improve maintenance or improve equipment?