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Sistemas Visuales para Mejorar la Efectividad del Equipo
Our book, Visual Systems for Improving Equipment Effectiveness

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Lean Machines Book Contains Hundreds of Tips to Improve Equipment Effectiveness

Book focuses on applying visuals & minor modifications in the context of Lean


by Robert M. Williamson

Lean Machines for World-Class Manufacturing and Maintenance started out as a decade-long quest for world-class simplicity. This led to our first book, Visual Systems for Improving Equipment Effectiveness (ahora disponibles en espaņol), in 1998. World-class simplicity resulted in common sense, but not common practice, solutions to equipment communications. Since equipment communications has evolved to software-driven logic controlling the obvious, visual communications without equipment has become even more important. By applying and using visuals on the equipment, we are able to communicate proper operating and maintenance information visually at the point of use. Visuals also provide reminders of important specifications that were learned in training. Visuals applied to machines, equipment, and processes remove much of the guesswork often associated with operations and maintenance.

Visuals result in equipment that is significantly easier to operate, easier to maintain, and easier to inspect and troubleshoot. Visuals have also shown that equipment-specific training can be reduced by 60 to 80 percent. All of this results in eliminating human error and improving efficiency and effectiveness.

This edition launches the next level of world-class simplicity for modern manufacturing and maintenance. We have collected and explained proven methods for simplifying the interactions between people and machines. Consistent with the principles of Lean Manufacturing, this book emphasizes techniques that eliminate many of the equipment-related wastes in the workplace. If we can apply and use the visuals and minor modifications in the context of Lean, we will be able to reduce operating, manufacturing, and maintenance costs. This book contains hundreds of hints and tips that will improve equipment effectiveness and simplify work.

What readers are saying:

"The book is chock full of pictures and drawings of actual examples--visual samples of visual management--that explain the function of each idea and the role it plays in the overall system. Minor modifications to machines are also described, but always with the idea that these modifications should enhance and simplify the process by making the machine easier to clean or inspect, reduce contamination, and heighten operator awareness. This book is an essential handbook for any serious TPM practitioner."  ~Mike Gardner, CME Mitsuba,

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CD-ROM PowerPoint Presentation
We have produced a companion to our book. This presentation is an easy-to-use PowerPoint CD-ROM with more than 100 slides that have been used and continually updated by author Robert M. Williamson for more than 8 years in his in-plant workshops and seminars. With this presentation, other facilitators now have access to the many different full-color examples of visual systems as applied in actual industrial settings. Handout materials and facilitator's notes can also be printed from the CD-ROM for your classroom use.

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