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Top Three Maintenance Challenges
Asked to share the top three challenges for the next three to five to 10 years, maintenance professionals indicate it's about people: the biggest variable in improving equipment maintenance, performance, and reliability.

Engaging the New Workforce
The ways we employed, trained, and engaged previous generations of employees will not necessarily work with the Millennials. Now is the time to retool our approaches to employee engagement, empowerment, and involvement. Here are some insights for engaging the younger generation in the workplace.

Aligning Maintenance with Business Goals
All too often, the maintenance department is perceived as the responsible party for caring for the health and well-being of equipment and facilities. However, many (if not most) of the causes of unhealthy and poor-performing equipment and facilities go well beyond the scope of the maintenance department.

Improving Equipment Effectiveness
TPM has devolved into not much more than operator care. However, itís not too late to learn from TPM. Given the shortages of skilled people, the demand for significantly improved equipment performance and reliability, and dependence on new technologies, true TPM will be the answer whether labeled TPM or not.

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New Products for 2012

We are pleased to announce an expansion to our line of visual systems supplies that deliver results ... fast! These items will be added to our online order form in April 2012.

Torque Check (Item†062)

Nuts and bolts very rarely vibrate tight. They almost always vibrate loose Ö and that can cause serious damage. This unique product helps you spot nuts and bolts that may be vibrating loose. Torque Check is a highly visible, highly durable, generally reusable, visual system that snaps on the hex heads of threaded fasteners. Use inside or outside, in any weather conditions, on fixed or mobile equipment.

Save time and money and prevent failures and leaks the easy way with Torque Check. Just tighten and properly torque your threaded fasteners and snap a Torque Check on each bolt or nut. Align them pointing to each other or all pointing to the center and walk away. When making rounds, anyone (even visitors) can see if the fasteners have started vibrating loose without the use of a wrench. Couldnít be easier! Available in the 12 sizes.

Cooling Fan Indicators (Item 057)

Many equipment computers, PLCs and control cabinets rely on cooling fans to exhaust heat or circulate cooling air. Are the fans working? Are they moving air in the proper direction? Our Cooling Fan indicators provide an easy-to-see method to verify proper fan operation. These indicators feature a stainless steel wire for mounting and durable Mylar/polyester strands that indicate airflow. To mount, the wire can be slipped behind a fan mount screw or frame, attached to an alligator clip or epoxied to a magnet for ease of relocation. Bend the wire to position the indicator strands in the path of airflow. Airflow is then indicated by the fine strands. Sold individually.

Preventive Maintenance Labels (Item 058)

Leave a reminder after preventive maintenance (PM) was performed on your equipment and machinery: who did the PM, and when is the next PM due. You can write on these 1-1/2" x 2-1/4" polyester vinyl labels with a fine point marker or pen, peel off the backing and apply to the equipment. Lasts a year or more in most weather conditions. Comes in packs of 90 labels.

Limited time only! Seiichi Nakajima's two-book set: Introduction to TPM and TPM Development Program (Item 060)

We have a few sets of the best books on what Total Productive Maintenance was intended to be. Written and edited by Seiichi Nakajima, the father of TPM in the late 1980s, Introduction to TPM and TPM Development Program are a must-have for the TPM purist! $150 for the set while supplies last