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Specializing in manufacturing industry marking, labeling and tagging products and education , our name, Strategic Work Systems, reflects our beliefs about the future of people in modern manufacturing and maintenance. The more the people-side of the business is aligned with the strategic intent of the business, the more they will both succeed in today’s globally competitive market.

Our mission is to help labor and business leaders learn about and accelerate the transformation from the more traditional work methods and deployment of people to the interdependent “strategic work systems” for the future. We will accomplish this through educational seminars, workshops, publications, and consulting services.

We value the role of educated, trained, and qualified people at all levels in high-performing workplaces as the root of all productivity improvement regardless of the type of business.

They are more than involved. They are stakeholders in the success of their employers’ business. Without them, businesses will not thrive.

We pride ourselves in our ability to connect the needs of the people on the plant floor with the needs of the business. We strive to align the performance of the people with the performance of the business.

We commit to providing our colleagues and our clients with insightful and practical learning related to improving the interaction of people with each other and with the equipment, processes, and facilities of their workplaces.

We will continually strive to be a leader in the work we perform, the services we provide, and the learning we facilitate.

Our Team

Robert W. Williamson

Bob is a consultant, award-winning author, and educator of Strategic Work Systems for modern manufacturing. His 30 years of experience with the people side of manufacturing operations and maintenance improvement spans well over 250 companies and plant locations in the United States, Jamaica, Canada, South America, and Saudi Arabia. For more than a decade, Bob has studied NASCAR racing as a model for improving the way people work together and focus on improving equipment performance. Bob oversees the activities of our North Carolina office.

Sharon W. Putman

Sharon is responsible for the marketing, order processing, and shipping of all product orders. She is also our publications coordinator. She edits, designs, and publishes training materials, workshop manuals, our website, and more. She  provides computer support for word processing, basic graphics, databases, scheduling, and spreadsheets.

Sharon oversees the activities of our South Carolina office and coordinates client and colleague communications.

Next Steps…

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