Are you spending too much time focusing on programs and activities at the expense of results?

Our workshops and seminars are designed to help keep all of your equipment performance and reliability efforts focused on results. The content is based on proven improvement methods in almost every type of equipment-intensive operation from foods to petrochemical, from mining to manufacturing, and from electric utilities to oil and gas production. Our approaches show participants how to “focus on results and change the culture along the way.” (SM)

Seminars are offered several times each year or can be scheduled to meet the needs of your plant or facility.

Seminars (classroom)

1 – Lean Equipment Management: Making the Pillars of TPM Work
One, two, and three day options; actual case examples; develop a business case too guarantee lasting results; basic TPM Pillars; visual systems for improving equipment effectiveness

2 – NASCAR Racing: A Model for Equipment Reliability & Teamwork
One and two day options; NASCAR teams behind-the scenes secrets for 100% equipment reliability; industrial examples and methods; basic TPM pillars; visual systems for improving equipment effectiveness

3 – Focus-on-Results Maintenance & Operations Skills Development Methods
One and two day options; proven fast, focused, and sustainable maintenance and operations training and qualifications methods; guarantee return on investment from your training efforts; pay-for-skills development; duty-task analysis; training program development; intro to our “Do-it-yourself Maintenance Training & Qualification Process”

4 – Spanish seminars in our “NASCAR Racing Model…” and “5S training”
Available upon request

Workshops (hands-on)

1 – Lean Equipment Management Pit Stop Training
Three- and four-day options in your plant; on your critical, problem prone, constraint equipment; 12 to 30 participants develop a new sense of “equipment ownership,” and eliminate problems using the proven basic pillars of TPM. Highly interactive, hands on equipment improvement for plant-floor teams and their leadership designed for creating a “Pit Crew” for your most critical equipment.

2 – Pit Stop Training Progress Follow-up
One day to “focus on results…” The goals of this session are to meet with the “Pit Crew” from the previous Lean Equipment Management Pit Stop Training and review actions register progress, opportunities for further improvement, barriers encountered, how to take equipment and team performance to the next level. A thorough review of the TPM and LEM “Critical Success Factors” will guide the follow-up action planning discussions.

Comments from SWS workshop and seminar participants…

“This was the best training we’ve ever had. It truly helped us learn about our equipment problems and literally make them go away, fast!”

“We made so many improvements to our equipment and our checklists that all made sense – common sense.”

“It makes sense. The NASCAR teams need reliable equipment. So do we! We sure learned a lot form the Pit Stop training!”

“As near as we can figure, we got a 1,500-to-1 return on our investment in the SWS Pit Stop training within just a few months. And two years later, we’re still making improvements.”

“This is the best training session I have ever been in. I’m glad we had our whole team here!”

“This is the kind of seminar that you can immediately apply what we learned. This stuff works.”

(SM) “Focus on results and change the culture along the way” is a service mark of Strategic Work Systems, Inc.