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Consulting Services

Are you spending too much time focusing on programs and activities at the expense of results?

Our consulting approaches help our clients “focus on results and change the culture along the way.” (SM)

Consulting arrangements are very flexible to meet the needs of our business and industry clients. Experience in more than 400 plant locations in the past 30+ years gives us many insights for making fast, focused, and sustainable results in your plant or facility.

1 – Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Readiness Assessments & Design
· Keeping your TPM activities focused, on track, and guarantee results. Many plants have missed the basic underlying process that makes TPM work. We help clients avoid the common pitfalls of the past 15 years.

2 – Maintenance & Operations Training & Qualification Process Design and Development
· Designed especially for small plants. Avoid the common mistakes and misconceptions of training systems design and development: focus on results. Our approaches assure immediate ROI from more reliable, higher performing equipment and processes. Individual skills profiles, assessments, focused training and qualification are emphasized. Added concentrations include pay-for-applied skills compensation system design, new job design, multi-skill, etc.

3 – Team-Based Lean Equipment Management
· Eliminating equipment losses is critical to improving competitiveness. Maintenance alone cannot address and eliminate many of the causes of poor performing equipment. Our approaches address everyone who touches the targeted equipment and those who make decisions that affect its performance and reliability.

4 – Do-it-Yourself Maintenance Training Development Process
· Don’t have the resources to bring in a training consultant? Our DIY process walks you through  step-by-step: targeting job roles, determining duties and tasks, individual skills and knowledge assessments and profiles, training process maps, and an Administrative/Users Guide to successful training and qualification.

Contact us to discuss scope and approach proposals and rates.

(SM) “Focus on results and change the culture along the way” is a service mark of Strategic Work Systems, Inc.